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What is real estate hunter?

What is real estate hunter?

A real estate hunter does the work of the buyer, in effect replaces him and takes over all the detailed work and complex steps to find a suitable space. S/He reviews the market, prospects possible spaces, visits the premises and gives the buyer a full report and a selection of places to visit only those that correspond to his/her needs. The real estate hunter then helps with all the negotiations, until the promissory note or sale note is signed.

They only work for the best interests of their client, the buyer!

Why working with a real estate hunter?

Finding a home, a flat, an office or a building in Paris, Bordeaux, and London with their tense, stretched real estate markets has become a battle. To be successful, realtors have to be on their toes, and vigilant for all advertisements and any information they receive from their sources. They consult social media, paper and online advertisements, develop a strong and reliable network of sellers, realtors, people who know sellers, and visit possible premises, whether for a home or for an office. Like the real estate market, real estate hunters are constantly on the move, on the alert for a great space, a good location, and an opening market. And all of their work is guided by the demands and needs of their clients, the buyers.

A real estate hunter works for those who have no time to conduct a search for their ideal premises full time. And companies and families, often don’t have that luxury. A real estate hunter is dedicated to taking over that role, allowing buyers to continue with their lives and work. They work with a list of the needs and specific requirements of their clients and are target their energy and efforts to finding as close a match as possible. This requires a considerable amount of effort and investment, not to mention skills and networks on t heir part. They deal with all the hardships and complexities for you from researching a space to bringing you to the actual contract signing, for a purchase or a rental.

What is the difference between a real estate hunter and a classic realtor?

A real estate hunter has no product for sale. Nothing. Unlike a realtor who represents a seller, a real estate hunter does not have a selection of properties to propose to all his clients. He remains neutral during visits because he has nothing to sell. He represents the buyer or the renter. He is focused on finding the perfect match between their specified requirements and the spaces visited.

Homelike Office will always put forward the issues and problems with the premise; not hide or sugarcoat it. We want our customers to get what they need. We only focus on our clients: buyers.

Our role is not to valorize the space we visit and waste your time. We are more interested in helping you find a space that speaks to you, that you genuinely like and want to own or rent.

To conclude, Homelike Office is a member in good standing of the National Federation of Real Estate Hunters (la Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs Immobiliers) and adheres to their Charter of Ethics. This Charter specifies that we may take on sales, as long as we remain neutral during the search for clients.

Who is the target audience for a real estate hunter?

People who do not have the time required for such a search, for those who do not live in the city they are moving to; we help them use their trips and visits to the premises judiciously and efficiently.


Homelike Office is a real estate hunter for both, rentals and purchases.
We work with the needs of individuals and professionals.

We look for apartments, houses, commercial spaces, offices, boutiques and shops, show rooms, and all other professional premises.

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